Friday, 8 March 2013

Overcoming Adversity out now!

Yes! It's finally here. A few weeks ago, I organised a blogfest on my writing blog whereby members of the incredible writing community would contribute pieces - real life, flash fiction, poetry - on the theme of "overcoming adversity". I never could have anticipated the overwhelming response, leading to the end result of what I hope is a diverse and inspiring collection of 70 stellar individual items.

All proceeds of the book will go directly to Andrew's college fund. Links to buy are as follows:

Amazon UK (Kindle)
Amazon UK (paperback)
Amazon US (Kindle)
Amazon US (paperback)

We also have massive news regarding Andrew's journey to college. Andrew's social worker has completed her assessment and is recommending he attends Beaumont College. That doesn't mean he's home and dry yet, but it's a huge step towards getting the local council behind our case.

Finally, my wife has started up a home business to raise funds, selling wax warmers - wickless candles with no flame and no mess. Simply plug it in and melt wax bars on top to give off a variety of pleasant aromas. Again, this has only been going a few short weeks, but it's taken off in a big way! Please visit Heather's website to find out more.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!