Monday, 3 September 2012

Auction for Andrew

Hello. I'd like to draw your attention to an online auction that we're planning to hold to help raise funds and awareness for Andrew, and ask you a very special favour: if you can donate anything or ask anyone you know to do the same, it would be very much appreciated! I'm thinking signed books might be a neat idea, but really anything you can offer would be amazing. You can go to Andrew's Facebook page to see more updates, and here is an album of items that have already been donated.

We'll only be able to do this, and make a change to the status quo, with the help of people like you... and after all, how can you say no to this smile??


  1. We never know what we can achieve unless we try. I'll think about what I can do.

  2. Good luck to you. Considering that Britain is basking in the glow of the Paralympics, and Scottland prides itself on the continuation of free university tuition, it's disheartening to read they won't provide for those that are with greater needs.

    The reason why the UK and other countries of former communist blocks are doing well in the Paralympics (whereas America isn't) is because Britain has a welfare state and funds opportunities for all. Your story about Andrew flies in the face of that. Such a shame and it doesn't bode well for an independent Scottland.

  3. Joy - Thanks. Every little bit is appreciated!

    Movies - Thanks. We were just as surprised and disappointed to find the nearest suitable provision was in England. It seems a lot of people get palmed off, but there's lots of evidence they're not satisfied. We're really hoping to change the whole system, not just get Andrew to the right college!