Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Results of the Auction!

Just one of the items which have been won!
Our very first Auction for Andrew is officially over, and thanks to the generous support of our donors and bidders, we've raised a final total of £457.50. The response has been amazing! Heather will be in touch shortly with all parties to facilitate the shipping of items. Thanks again!

In other exciting news, Andrew has received a letter from Beaumont College detailing his upcoming assessment and overnight  stay to check out the facilities and accommodation. The assessment looks at what care and support Andrew needs, and will also tell us how much this is going to cost! However, when Andrew read the letter, he smiled the widest on learning he would be getting a free dinner - typical!

We're pleased to have reached over 700 likes on the Facebook page, but we still NEED many more signatures on our Petition to build a specialist college in Scotland if we hope to make an impact. Please retweet, share on your Facebook walls, invite friends to sign! Let's get to a thousand and beyond!

Again, thanks to everyone who has supported us in whatever way so far. Back soon with more updates.

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